FANUC Robotics offers manufacturers across the entire spectrum of green technologies solutions to their production needs. The video above provides an example of a robotic system implemented to automate the complete assembly process for a solar panel line. FANUC Robotics and its integration partners take a comprehensive approach tounderstanding our customer's business to provide flexible solutions that meet today's and tomorrow's requirements.

FANUC Robotics’ intelligent robots offer alternative energy manufacturers and suppliers a competitive advantage compared to manual processes, hard automation and offshore manufacturing. A combination of the world’s most reliable robots, deepest portfolio of software and controls tools, and the strongest support and integrationnetwork help manufacturers maximize profitability.

Total Solution

From brick, wafer and module lines for the solar industry to carbon fiber lay-up and trimming for wind energy, FANUC Robotics and our integration partners look at every step in the manufacturing process to optimize your operations. What does this mean to you? The most complete line of articulated robotic solutions that will maximize your flexibility and improve the bottom line.

  • Eliminate costly and inflexible fixed automation
  • Reduce start-up times with proven robotic technology to bring products to market faster
  • Design to small batch sizes by using robots to process and transfer components and assemblies
  • Eliminate errors and scrap with integrated vision for cost effective in-line process validation
  • Optimize overall system throughput with best-in-class speed and performance
  • Increase system uptime with unmatched reliability and support

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